1.  Who will DJ my event?

Ferdy will DJ your event, and Wendy will be there to MC and coordinate the events.  Unlike other DJ services, Premium Sound does not contract out the work to other people.  You meet with us, get to know us, and see us at your event.

2.  Why do DJs cost so much?

When you consider all the work that goes into your event, the fee is actually very reasonable.  A four-hour event is often a ten-hour event for us.  You have to calculate in the travel time, gas and mileage, set-up time, breakdown time, time spent with you in person and on the phone, time going over the planning of the event and acquiring any special musical requests, updating our equipment and music library, etc.

3.  Do you charge a travel fee?

We do not charge a travel fee from Galveston to the inner 610 loop/central Houston area.  If we have to drive further than that, we charge a fee starting at $50, which covers our cost of gas and possible tolls.  Just ask about your site when booking your event.

4.  Do you charge a set-up fee?

Not very often.  A fee would only be charged if we were booked for a venue that requires an unusual amount of work to set up due to such instances as a lack of elevators, a difficult to access site, etc.  Inquire about your site when booking your event.   We always charge at least a fee of $50 for locations in downtown Houston or for locations with parking garages, as they are more difficult for us when it comes to loading/unloading, and parking.  We do charge a set-up fee for private homes, as they present a unique challenge as far as space limitations, accessibility, and shortage of electrical outlets.

5.  What happens if you can't make my event?

This has yet to occur.   But if we were unable to make your event due to an unseen or catastrophic situation, we will contact another professional DJ and do whatever it takes to make sure your event runs as we have planned.  We would provide them with your reception planner and music request list and go over every detail very carefully.  Of course, we would only use a DJ in which we have full confidence.  We would make every effort to contact you before the event and explain the circumstances.

6.  Will you play my song requests?

Of course!  We already maintain a large and diverse music library.  But, if you have a special request that we do not have and are unable to locate, we ask that you provide us with the mp3 file.  (Please do not send us links to Youtube videos.)
**Please be prepared provide any music that is out-of-print, import, foreign language, or hard to find.**

7.  Why don't you quote lower prices for a three-hour event?

We simply don't charge enough to allow us to lower our prices!  Remember, a three-hour event for you may still be a ten-hour event for us.  The travel time, set-up time, and breakdown times don't change.  Besides, if you compare our prices against other DJ services, you'll often find that our four-hour price is still less than their three-hour price!

8.  Can I see one of your performances before I book you?

That is a difficult question to answer.  We don't mind you watching us in action, but our customers often do.  Think about it this way; do you want strangers showing up at your wedding reception?  If we perform in a public venue, such as a park or open community building, then you are welcome to observe from a polite distance.  But we feel that our ultimate responsibility is always to the customer that booked us.  We want all of our attention to be on the event that is occuring, not on perspective customers.  Due to this, we will be more than happy to provide you with references if you wish to speak with past clients.

9.  What if our event runs longer than we expected?

No problem.  We just need payment in advance for the additional hour(s), and we'll gladly stay and continue with the festivities.

10.  Do you book more than one event for the same day?

No.  Our responsibility for that day is to you and only you.  We do not want to be in a situation where you want us to stay late, and we have to leave to DJ another event.  We want to devote all of our attention for that day on you!

11.  Do we have to pay extra for you to wear formal attire?

Never!  But, if you wish us to wear other attire to fit in with the theme of your event, that's fine also.  We can wear anything from shorts and Hawaiian shirts to business casual to our company shirts.  Just ask!

12.  How early do you arrive before our event?

If we are providing sound only, we will be there approximately one hour prior to the start time.  If we are providing sound and lights, we will be there approximately one and a half to two hours early.  Our goal is to have our system completely set up with all checks run at least 20-30 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin.  We must have access to the venue/room a minimum of one hour before the event is scheduled to begin.

13.  Do you take breaks?

A break where there is no music playing?  Never!  You usually only run into that situation with a live band.  But if one of us has to run to the restroom, continuous music will be playing during that time.  You will probably never notice that we left.

14.  Do you smoke or drink alcohol during our event?


15.  Do you do the emceeing/announcements also?

Of course!  This is part of your basic package. We will discuss this before the event.

16.  Can you help us plan the order of events for our wedding reception?

Yes.  We have a reception planner that has a suggested order of events.  We will also make suggestions to ensure your reception runs smoothly.  You are always free to change the order of events, add events, or eliminate others.  It's your reception and it should reflect you!

17.  What type of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, cash, cashier's checks and money orders.  We do not accept credit cards at this time in an effort to keep our prices down.

18.  What if I have to cancel my event?

As stated in your contract, the retainer is nonrefundable. and nontransferrable  This is because once we book your date we refuse others who call for that day (remember, we only book one event per day).  So if your event was for the evening, not only did we turn down others for that evening, but that afternoon as well. Most of the time we are unable to rebook the date of a cancelled event, so we are left with an open date that causes us to lose money.  You also must consider the time we have already put in to your event going over the reception planner, acquiring your song requests, etc.  A nonrefundable retainer helps us recoup some of those losses.  You will find that in the wedding/hospitality industry, most retainers or deposits are nonrefundable: it is standard practice.

19.  Do you use a computer or CDs when you DJ?

Both.  We use a laptop, but we can still carry a dual CD player.  We have the same music library available for either format, and you won't notice a difference in the quality of our work or the sound of the music.  And, regardless of which format we are using, we always have a back-up system.

20.  How long have you been in business?

Ferdy starting DJing in 1985, when he worked for a large DJ company.  He has worked all over Houston and has done weddings, receptions, parties, proms, corporate functions, fashion shows, etc.  In 2001, he decided he wanted to be his own boss and get more involved with the customers.  So you can be assured you are working with a DJ with years of experience.  And he and Wendy have DJd many, many wedding receptions and special events together.

21.  What are the advantages of hiring a DJ over a live band?

There are many.  We don't have to take breaks every hour.  We will emcee your event and make all the special announcements such as the cake cutting and the throwing of the bouquet.  Bands rarely do that.  We don't have a limited number of songs we can play.  We play the song the way you are used to hearing it, by the original artist.  We are able to help keep your reception running smoothly by following our reception planner.  We take up less space, which gives you more room on the dance floor.  We are able to get out on the dance floor with you and your guests to keep the party going or even teach dance moves..  We offer our Party Package, a great way to get your guests involved in the festivities.  And don't forget one very important advantage: we cost a lot less!

22.  What do you need as far as your set-up requirements?

All we need is a four to six foot rectangular table (which is customary, most facilities already know this and set up a skirted table for the DJ) and close access to electrical outlets.  You will want to skirt the table as it will be in the background of many of your dancing pictures.  We also need at least 4 feet on each side of the table for the speakers: 5 feet on each side if you have a lighting package.  Please remember that you want the music to reach all parts of the room, so try not to put us where there will be walls or obstructions which could block the sound.  After all, you want all of your guests to be able to hear the announcements and enjoy the music!

23.  Do I need to send you a song list of every song I want to have played?

Absolutely not!  That is a lot of work on your part that is not necessary.  Some people tell us a few songs they really would like to hear, and some people just tell us the types of music they like and leave it up to our expertise to choose the best music for their event.  If you do have song requests, we ask that you please limit your song request suggestions to 10 songs (not including special dances like the first dance, the father/daughter dance, or the mother/son dance.)  This allows us to use our experience, input from your guests, requests from your family and friends, as well as your suggestions and the music genre preferences you indicated on your contract, to work out a personalized music program for your event.  Relax, enjoy your evening, and let Ferdy and Wendy utilize their years of experience to play a good mix that is sure to please everyone! 

24.  Do you offer a fog or bubble machine?

We have chosen not to provide these services due to liability issues (bubbles make the dance floor slippery and fog machines can set off the sprinkler system and cause problems in people with asthma or allergies.  Some fog machines even leave a bad odor in the air.)  Check with your reception venue, many do not allow these machines on site anyway.

25.  Why should I get the lighting package?

Because lights set the mood for the event!  Our Uplights come in a variety of colors and make an incredible impact.  At only $25 each, they are an affordable way to transorm a room.  Uplights are the most cost-effective way to carry your colors and theme throughout your event.  Dance floor lighting is also popular for those who want an all out dance party feeling on the dance floor.   From small white lights for a romantic dance, to bright colored lights flashing to the beat of the music, lights make your event more memorable.  We especially recommend the lighting package if your event is taking place in a room which does not have dimmer switches on the lights.  It is very difficult to have a romantic dance in full bright lights!  If you book an Uplighting package, we can turn off the 'house' lights and turn on our lights to create the perfect atmosphere.  People are also more likely to dance when there is mood lighting.  The only time we do not recommend a lighting package is when your entire event takes place during the day in a room with many windows.  In that case, a lighting package is not necessary since you won't be able to see the full effect of the lights.

26.  Do you carry back-up equipment?

Of course we do!  Let's face it, all electronic equipment will fail at some time or another (and all professional DJs wish this never occurred!!).  We are prepared for that situation by carrying back-up equipment at all times.  The equipment is with us at your event, not back at a central office.  If we experience equipment failure during your event, hopefully we will be able to fix it wihout you even noticing.  If we lose a whole component of our system, give us a few minutes and we'll be back to the dancing in no time!

27.  Do you do outdoor events?

Yes, some.  We are able to provide music for outdoor wedding ceremonies, as they only require a small system without a lot of power and last for under one hour.  The smaller system is fully enclosed in a plastic case and is fairly protected from the elements.  Unfortunately, we are unable to do outdoor parties or receptions that require our regular, full sized system.  The reason is simple, we can't take the risk of exposing our system to the elements.  You never know when rain or other foul weather conditions will crop up and possibly destroy the system, especially in Texas!  Even if we are located under a cover, rain still blows in, water still runs across the floor, etc.  We also need to protect the system from blowing debris such as dirt and sand.

28. How do we book you?  How much is the deposit?  When is the balance due?

That's easy.  First we discuss the event, get the important details, and figure out which services you need.  We add up the services, and the retainer is 50%.  Once we have a signed contract and the retainer, you are considered booked.  (We do not "pencil in" any events.)  The balance is due 14 days before the event takes place.  Due to company policy, we will not arrive at the event until we have received payment in full.  We are unable to accept payment the date of the event unless it is for overtime hours.  Overtime hours booked at the event must be paid in full before they begin.  If you wish to add more services after we have signed the contract, simply contact us and we'll add those services to the final balance.  If you would like to send small payments before the final balance is due, you're welcome to do that as well!

29. Do you have liability insurance?
Of course!  We have a $1 million liability insurance policy that we can provide to your venue if necessary. 

30. Do you have a microphone we can use?
Yes, we offer one mic for each event you book.

31. Do you offer karoake?
No, as we are rarely asked for it.

32. Do you speak Spanish.
No, unfortunately we do not.  But we wish we did!
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